Graced Technology Solutions is a minority owned, small business, consulting firm founded in 2016 by a team of Management and IT experts in executing large scale initiatives for Government and Enterprises. We have been a leader in Digital Imaging Solutions and Records Management. Over the years, our team has provided digital imaging and records management services to the federal government, state and local governments, as well as the private sector.

Our core business is furthering the near paperless office—reducing paper consumption and storage while increasing the efficiency of the business process. Our talented resources ensure transparency throughout the life of the project by applying a governance and control framework that includes tollgates at key milestone. We are skilled in gathering requirements that meet the needs and expectations of our clients as well as the delivery of product or services. Our approach to a project is to determine requirements and methodologies through discussions with the client before project start, perform a small-scale sample conversion or pilot project, and refine requirements through inspection and discussion of the results of the sample or pilot conversion.


At the core of our business are our people. They are subject matter experts in every area of service we offer. They have seasoned experiences within the industry(s) that GTS provide services in. Our people are our strongest assets.

Throughout the course of every engagement, GTS maintains commitment to the highest quality of service. Service excellence is our strength and we offer best in class strategic solutions. From the inception of a project to the execution, GTS commit efforts in planning and managing of resources per the scope of the project. We use management approaches that have a proven track record.


Legal Technology Solutions.

  • Forensics and Collections
    GTS’ Forensic Services offers a comprehensive range of forensic collection, analysis, and advisory services. We are capable of forensically sound and targeted acquisitions of nearly every form of data including mobile devices, cloud storage, and social media sites.
  • Early Case Assessment
    GTS has adopted early case assessment (ECA) tools to help clients gain an understanding of their data sets prior to processing into the review platform.
  • Processing and Production
    eDiscovery that is fast, efficient, and defensible allows litigation teams to focus on manageable volumes of meaningful evidence. GTS’s project managers and engineers are subject matter experts with different technologies available.
  • Review Consulting
    Our teams of eDiscovery subject matter experts have dealt with high profile cases from AM Law 100, to Government agencies, to provide consulting services that are reputable and repeatable.
  • Analytics
    Whether clients need to obtain an early view of data, cull large document sets, identify specific information, or prioritize a review, GTS can assist with the process of using analytics to support and enhance workflows.

Information Management.

GTS collaborates with your legal and IT departments to understand your networks, data, employee profiles, and risk sensitivity. We then work with you to design document retention and destruction policies. This method renders information accessible for legal matters, while reducing storage costs and risk exposure by purging unnecessary data.

Consulting-Advisory Services.

GTS Advisory Services provides strategic, results-driven eDiscovery solutions that help clients efficiently manage ESI risks and reduce costs, both pre- and post-litigation. The coverage is end-to-end including review planning and management, early planning and strategy, strategic Searching and review prioritization, corporate discovery policies and procedures, proactive and information management.